Geek Vape SS316L Wire 26ga - 30ft

IDR 47,500

SS316L Wire keluaran Geek Vape dengan spesifikasi tertera.

Stainless Steel Wire can and should be used just as kanthal on regular power mode devices, but with the advantage that it can also be used on temperature control mode on devices that have that function.

You can still use it on Titanium temperature control mode on most devices out now but you need to start on the minimum temperature like 200º F (100º C) because the Stainless Steel Wire Temperature Coefficient is low compared to Titanium the temperatures will be that off.

The flavor coming from the vapor produced on a coil with this wire, tastes more clean and crispy.

Geek Vape menggunakan sistem standar imperial Amerika, dan panjang kawat ini adalah 30 feet atau 30 kaki. Dalam sistem metrik, 30 kaki adalah sekitar 9.14 meter.

Gauge, adalah ukuran standar untuk mengukur diameter kawat.

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