Geek Vape Ni200 Wire 26ga - 30ft

IDR 55,000

Ni200 Wire keluaran Geek Vape dengan spesifikasi tertera.

Nickel (Ni200) Wire is a very low resistance wire and it's resistance varies when you apply current on it making possible to some devices to control temperature just reading those resistance variations and making calculations.

This wire CANNOT be used on regular power mode because of it's fumes provenient to the Nickel degradation and that's bad to inhale.

99.6% pure wrought nickel alloy. Sold under the brand names Nickel Alloy Ni200, Commercially Pure Nickel, and Low Alloy Nickel, Ni200 offers users a wide range of benefits including its primary component, nickel. Nickel is one of the world’s toughest metals and imparts a number of advantages to this material. Ni200 has excellent resistance to most corrosive and caustic environments, media, alkalis, and acids.

Geek Vape menggunakan sistem standar imperial Amerika, dan panjang kawat ini adalah 30 feet atau 30 kaki. Dalam sistem metrik, 30 kaki adalah sekitar 9.14 meter.

Gauge, adalah ukuran standar untuk mengukur diameter kawat.

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